Electric Sheep and the future of the way we watch TV

At any given moment, there are millions of people on the internet, waiting to be entertained. What Electric Sheep has done is found a way to entertain them, by unearthing, curating and distributing a wide selection of content and programming to meet almost any and every entertainment need, while also creating lucrative opportunities for companies and brands to reach their target markets everywhere online.

Simply put, Electric Sheep is giving people the video and entertainment content they want while also providing targeted, effective and unobtrusive marketing opportunities. Electric Sheep is currently partnered with 150,000 of niche user sites, providing the specific content they know those viewers are after.

Electric Sheep sites include Uppercut, a boxing website geared towards the millennial man, Unblocker, a music and social hub for creative minds, Comicure, a site that provides great standup comedy clips while encouraging donations to charity, and Split, the online home of the mega-hit Israeli supernatural TV show.

The brains behind Electric Sheep

As you might expect, the team that launched Electric Sheep is headed by an online video and e-commerce expert. However, if you also expected that this team included a comedy writer, music curator and extreme traveler, then congratulations, you must work at Electric Sheep. Seems like a good place to be.

Electric Sheep was founded by David Balsar, who also serves as the CEO. He’s the online video and e-commerce visionary, and prior to unleashing Electric Sheep on the world, he was the head of business development at Endemol International Group, the world’s biggest independent production company.

Joining David at the helm of Electric Sheep is Omri Marcus, who serves as the creative director. A comedy writer who shares his talents with major sites like the Huffington Post and Gawker, Omri was already known as a content thought-leader in Europe before bringing his creative directing abilities to Electric Sheep.

Daniel Matiuk is the content curator for Electric Sheep, and brings 15 years of experience in media to the table. He’s served as a senior music curator for a major radio station, and has worked as a consultant for leading advertising agencies and TV shows.

Last but least, Electric Sheep has Stephanie Segev in the project manager position. Before joining up with Electric Sheep, Stephanie had the enviable position of professional traveler. She’s certified as a dive master, served as a wildlife conservation volunteer, and has even been a flight attendant. Oh yeah, and she’s co-founded a successful e-commerce site and developed several mobile apps. In her spare time, you know.

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