Yacht Sailing Destination: Southeast Asia

If you’re dying to put some new fun and excitement into your yachting experience, then you’ll love what’s in store for you on the exciting waterways of Southeast Asia. Deep crystal blue lagoons surrounded by lush green mountains and jungle overgrowth make this one of the most fascinating and attractive areas to visit. That’s right – you’ll be able to visit ancient sites, ruins of pagodas and temples, modern marketplaces, and even visit some very Western golf courses, spas, and exquisite resorts. How’s that for a vacation? Or even better – a way of life?

Indonesia – The Stellar First-Class Experience

Relax on the sandy beaches of Bali or explore the pristine beauty of Satonda, the mysterious, uninhabited volcanic island. Enjoy swimming and diving in the clear waters of Gili Banta or surf the challenging waves of Lombok. If you’re really up for a thrilling visit the Island of Komodo. There you will find the infamous contemporary cousin of the dinosaurs, the Komodo dragon. For untold millions of years the Komodo dragon, a truly giant lizard, has survived in the harsh mountains of the Lesser Sunda Islands.


Island Hopping in Thailand

What yachtsman wouldn’t love the Songkran Water Festival? After a humble Buddhist blessing ceremony, the nationwide festival is on. Songkran is called the “water fight” since people celebrate by dowsing one another with bucket after bucket of water. No one is left out, including visitors. After getting soaked for Songkran, soak up some sun on the white sands of Hua Hin. This quiet retreat is home to some of the finest hotels, spas, and Asian boutiques in the region. For your more westernized nightlife, Bangkok offers discos and raves, traditional Thai food from street vendors, and many modern amenities. Koh Phi Phi offers cliffs of limestone, more pure white sand beaches, and clear waters for swimming, diving, and exploring the diverse plant and animal life found there. Yacht sailing around the islands is enhanced by the many breathtaking anchorages available.


Vietnam – A Paradise of Tall Limestone Pillars

Ha, Long Bay is the most spectacular waterway any yacht aficionado could hope to visit. The odd limestone outcroppings rising up through a gentle veil of mist is truly heart-stopping. Ha, Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and its natural, ancient beauty has been meticulously preserved. It’s possible to explore the caves and caverns that have been cut into the limestone by centuries of shifting waves. Ha, Long Bay was described over 500 years ago as “the rock wonder.” In 2012, Ha Long Bay was recognized for its unmatched awe when it was added to the New Seven Wonders of Nature. In contrast, Na Trang presents visitors with numerous five-star destinations, such as the Vinpearl Resort. Additionally, this city is known for scuba diving, gorgeous beaches, mountain climbing, and the Po Nagar Tower. The coastal area resembles Miami, FL back in its heyday.


Drop Anchor and Enjoy

It’s that simple when you set sail for the exotic adventures and beautiful destinations of Southeast Asia. Once you’ve experienced it first hand, there’s doubt you’ll be planning a follow-up trip of a lifetime.

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