5 Must-See Place in Israel

IsraelIsrael is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, fascinating history, and spectacular natural landscapes. Here are some excellent places to visit that will transform your visit into an unforgettable experience.

Tel Aviv for Everyone

Tel Aviv is a lively ultra-modern metropolis, but one that has never relinquished on its old-world charm. Its liberal society welcomes one and all, and there is something for everyone from relaxing beaches to a pulsating nightlife, gastronomic delights, authentic markets, a packed events calendar, and more. If markets take your fancy, hone your bargaining skills at the Carmel Market and enjoy a taste of authentic Israel known for its spices, smells, and colors.

High-end homes in Tel Aviv

Visit Allenby Street for some hidden fashion gems or take a trip to Kikar Hamedina if you’re after local and international designer brands. Neve Zedek and Jaffa are also must-visit neighborhoods for their historic appeal, upscale restaurants, and unique architecture.

A relatively new kid on the block is Sarona Market, Israel’s largest indoor culinary market that combines the old world with the new. The market is home to 91 shops of all categories, stalls, and restaurants and the good news is that it’s open seven days a week.


Jerusalem the Holiest of Cities

Jerusalem is deemed one of the world’s sanctified cities, as it is home to significant spiritual sites for all three major religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Visiting the city is akin to taking a trip back in time. At Jerusalem’s epicenter is the Old City where one can discover Jerusalem’s religious history by visiting the Church of Holy Sepulcher, the Al Aqsa Mosque, and the famed Western (Wailing) Wall.

Browse the stands in the Old City market and visit the spot of Jesus’ crucifixion. A visit to Jerusalem is not complete without a trip to one of its museums, such as the Holocaust memorial center, Yad Vashem.

Jerusalem Israel

The Dead Sea – For Body and Soul

The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, at more than 430 meters (1,412 feet) below sea level, but this isn’t the only reason to make the trip. The Dead Sea has always attracted tourists who not only have fun floating on the salty waters but benefit from its healing properties and those of the famed Dead Sea mud.

With a handful of hotels, the locale is quiet, and the atmosphere is relaxing making it Israel’s ultimate natural spa destination. The Dead Sea is also surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a site not to be missed is the mountain fortress of Masada with its amazing views and archaeological significance.

the dead sea

Haifa – Where Religions Meet

Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, Haifa is the third largest city in Israel and boasts a rich past, diverse neighborhoods, and a fusion of religions and cultures. Here Arabs, Jews, Christians, and other faiths live together in peace and harmony. This can be felt especially at Christmas and Hanukah time where all faiths celebrate together.

One can delight in the quaint historic port and vibrant beach and experience the stunning nature Haifa has to offer. On the Carmel mountain lies the famous Bahá’í World Centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and destination for Bahá’í pilgrims and tourists from all walks of life. The Baha’i Garden has the majestic Shrine of the Báb and breathtaking terraces.


Eilat – Ultimate Resort Getaway

After traversing Israel, absorbing its history, culture, and nature, Eilat is the ideal destination for unwinding and is especially luring for its great weather all year round. The town offers a wide selection of beautiful hotels and resorts and a multitude of activities.

Especially popular is taking scuba diving lessons and exploring the coral reefs in the crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea; swimming with dolphins; ice skating; relaxing at the beach or pool-side, and exploring the local restaurants. Eilat has its own airport making it easy reach.

No matter what you decide to do in Israel, the memories of your visit will last a lifetime.

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