Today, the brand of HAM-LET Group’s LET-LOK® leads the market as the most advanced, high-quality, range available of leak-tight tube fitting structures. The brand, comprises a wide range of cutting-edge, industrial-standard mechanisms that are used to seal and grip tubing for every type of industrial application — especially where high pressure and severe conditions exist. These tube and pipe fittings are also available in a variety of materials to make sure they cater to every type of industrial requirement.

LET-LOK® Behind the Scenes

Since the 1950s, HAM-LET’s industry experts have poured immense resources, time and effort in the research, design and manufacture of these superior products. The results is that they are the number one choice in the quickly growing market for tube fittings that can withstand use in high-performance, high-pressure settings, such as fluid, electronic, power, petrochemical, nuclear, and other key industrial environments. Each fitting has also undergone — and passed — a series of rigorous tolerance tests, including those for vibration, temperature, high-pressure, vacuum, and impulse. Moreover, the fittings are produced according to exact standards using up-to-the-minute computerized automation. They have proven their strength and robustness in withstanding every possible high-pressure condition. The secret to their leak-tight construction lies in their geometry and mechanical lead.

Tried & Tested

Besides testing each product, HAM-LET regards safety as essential and knowledge is part of this. The company places a vast amount of information and tips at a user’s fingertips to ensure that they select the right product for their applications that will achieve maximum results in the safest and most secure manner. For example, for greater efficiency and safety in gas applications it is recommended that tubing with a greater wall thickness is used. It is also essential that users follow correct product installation, operation and maintenance procedures. Moreover, to guarantee personal safety, when choosing a connector one needs to consider material compatibility, application details, and product ratings.

How LET-LOK® Works

LET-LOK® connectors are intended for ease-of-use. Assemblage is extremely simple and just requires inserting the tube inside the complete assembly until the tube reaches the bottom of the body fitting. Next, the mechanical force created by rotating the nut clockwise drives the two ferrules onward between the fitting body and the nut. The hind ferrule is pushed against the narrowing back of the forward-facing ferrule, which is then forced into the body’s tapered mouth. The back ferrule is spread inwardly on the tube while lifting the anterior ferrule out so as to create a full closure on the tapered surface of the body. Lastly, depending on the sizes, holding the nut in a hand-tight grip, the 11/4 and 3/4 rotation of the nut assures steady force of the sealing components. This further guarantees an efficient seal from extremely high vacuum and pressure conditions.

Last, but not least, HAM-LET backs each LET-LOK® fitting with a full commitment to skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality-control standards!

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